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UFO KING GOLDRAKE (Read 11231 times)

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05.12.08 at 05:03:05
UFO KING Goldrake

Let me just say one thing, THANKS to Odyssee aka Luke Pape, which in just over 4 minutes, gave a dream to us all.

His words:

And finally here we are!

First, I apologize for having done so much waiting, but the version of the trailer was projected to lucca extremely restructured, sewn in haste, and then I felt should take the time necessary to accommodate all in a satisfactory manner. And it was worth it, because there are differences, and you can see.

About UFO Goldrake KING?

It 'a perfect sequel of the famous series of Go Nagai, designed and built by me.
For now there is only the trailer and the plot of the series, which ideally would be composed of 7 episodes. Of course, before someone asks me, no, not achieve all 7 episodes, as it would be physically impossible to do such work alone and without economic remuneration. Not to mention that these are people protected by copyright.

I feel a duty to clarify that this is a totally non-profit, whose sole purpose is to honor the series originally created by Go Nagai, and take satisfaction that I enjoyed working on these characters.

The idea was born to play several months ago. someone will remember that I made a couple of illustrations at the time. The purpose was to pull out only a few posters, but then suddenly the project has been pushed further to become an animated trailer itself.

The whole movie was conceived and implemented in about one month and one week of work. Very little time, why is not exactly as I had imagined, but I had to make compromises, cutting off many scenes that I wanted to but could not be created for obvious reasons of time.

The weather was so tyrant that I had to work without having prepared and tested a real storyboard, but using only what I had imagined in the mind.

The reason for such a hurry is that the trailer was done in order to have a provisional version to be shown at Lucca Comics during the conference held by the staff of the Forum GONAGAI.FORUMFREE.NET, which have been so kind to allow me to project, and I just looked this honor with my work.

A day online will be my personal blog, containing my work, including King Ufo Goldrake.

But until then (and even after course!) I will be happy to use and disclose as an area of the discussion forum GONAGAI.FORUMFREE.NET, hoping that the trailer also attract new users going to infoltire the ranks of people who attended this virtual place! (godzilla is so happy and not anywhere spamma the fact that I did not list the forum in the movie credits: tongue3.gif:)

Once again I thank the staff of the Forum and in particular Fabrizio Grendizer for the patience and the willingness shown, and Andrew ICARUS for agreeing enthusiastically to hold a word of welcome to Lucca the first to project the film. Smiley

But the invitation to Cianci!
Enjoy the movie, and enjoy!
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thanks ... U are not thai people ?..
can U read this board...

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